SEE THE LIST: Biden Inauguration Bankrolled By Major Companies

 SEE THE LIST: Biden Inauguration Bankrolled By Major Companies

Fox Business

Major companies Google, Amazon and Boeing are among President-elect Joe Biden’s Inauguration Committee donors.

The Biden Inaugural Committee released a list of all contributors who donated over $200 but did not specify how much each contributor donated. That information must be disclosed in an FEC report required within 90 days of the inauguration.

Publicly traded corporations on the Biden Inaugural Committee’s donor list include:


–United Airlines





–Anthem (Blue Cross Blue Shield)

–Cannae Holdings


Corporate donations to inaugural committees are not unusual, and Microsoft was listed as giving $500,000 in equipment to Trump’s inauguration committee in 2017, CNBC reported. Google was listed as giving $285,000.

The inaugural committee said it refused to take money from fossil fuel companies, their executives or PACs organized by them.

News that Google donated to the inaugural committee comes amid conservative furor after the tech company said it would suspend social media platform Parler’s listing from its Play Store, citing a failure to moderate “egregious content” related to violence at the U.S. Capitol this week.

In addition, Big Tech employees have landed top posts on the Biden-Harris transition team and Republicans are raising concerns that the additions to the team and the next administration are “evidence” that Silicon Valley “works hand in glove” with Democratic politicians.

At least nine different Biden transition team members or advisers previously held positions at Facebook, Google or Twitter. And several transition team members worked in the Obama administration before joining one of the tech giants and then later reentering politics as part of the Biden team.

Author : Evie Fordham

Source : Fox Business : Biden inauguration bankrolled by corporate donors like Amazon, Google, Boeing

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