Colin Kaepernick Likens NFL Draft, Training Camp To Slavery

Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick compared the NFL Draft process and training camp to slavery in his new Netflix special. “Colin in Black & White” provides a glimpse into Kaepernick’s life, from high school to the events that he attributes to him becoming involved in social advocacy. One viral clip showed him comparing NFL coaches […]Read More

State Election Workers Fired For Allegedly Shredding Hundreds Of Voter

Two Georgia election workers were terminated for allegedly shredding a number of paper voting registration applications over the course of the past two weeks. Fulton County released a statement Monday that said a preliminary review suggests the employees in question “may have checked out batches of applications for processing.” But instead of fully processing the […]Read More

Abbott Vows To Hire Border Patrol Agents Disciplined By Biden

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) said Sunday that he will hire any of the Border Patrol agents who have been falsely accused of whipping Haitian migrants at the southern border if they are terminated by the Biden administration. “If he takes any action against them whatsoever — I have worked side by side with those […]Read More

DeSantis Calls Out Biden For Politically Motivated Double Standard On

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) was highly critical of President Joe Biden’s immigration policies over the weekend while in Texas, asserting that the administration has a “double standard” on allowing Cuban migrants into the country. “They have a hundred-times stronger case for political persecution leaving a communist dictatorship than the other migrants who are coming […]Read More

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